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"If I'd asked em' what THEY wanted, they would've said 'FASTER HORSES'"

-Henry Ford

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Have you been guilty of asking your customers what they WANT? 
I know it sounds backwards, but the simple fact is, people are much more tuned in to what they DON'T WANT than what they DO want.

So, if you can figure out what your target customer DOESN'T LIKE about their current situation AND THEN offer to relieve their PAIN via your social impact business, you can change the world.

These are simple rules of business, but I see SO many social impact entrepreneurs fall flat on this one...

And in some ways I get it... we've got huge hearts for our 'community of service' and we want to help them with the social problems they face so badly that we forget the rules of good business.

But the simple truth is this: you stand the best chance of helping those you serve by building a ROCK SOLID social impact business that consistently grows a 'community of customers'.

To do that, you've got to speak to the PAIN your audience experiences.

So let's chat about that on today's LIVE.


>>How Henry Ford revolutionized transportation by figuring out what people DIDN'T WANT

>>How to get out and start figuring out the PAIN your community experiences

>>Why you must speak the language of your tribe and how to do that

Peace and love,


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