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Thanks to Live the Give for sponsoring this series! Let's show them our love by jumping on their site and checking out some of their great socially conscious clothes right here:

This was a super fun episode because Josh went live and answered questions from all of you straight in the Facebook group!

Here are some examples of the questions:

Alyssa wants to know about the process of becoming 'B-Corp Certified' (that's like the 'certified organic seal' of social impact business)?

Kevon asks about the best ways to get startup capitol?

Lisa want's to know when's the best time to make the leap full-time into her social impact business?

Ashley wants to know the best way to get a logo on a shoestring?

Tune in and there's bound to be an answer to a question you've got! 

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Jump on this episode where Josh boils down 'Lean Startup' tactics for social good.

Basically, this means he'll show you some proven tactics for launching with less time and money than you thought you needed ;)

This episode and this entire mini-series are sponsored by a social impact business called Live the Give. Their founder Najat wanted a clothing company that was socially conscious by nature AND gave back to children's education around the world. does this beautifully by offering a stylish range of clothes that ALL come from WRAP certified providers (basically, WRAP certification is like 'certified organic' of the clothing space - you know anything that's WRAP certified comes from places that offer fair and safe conditions for their communities). 

So, give a special thanks to Najat and Live the Give for sponsoring our show by checking out what they have at 


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