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Kyle Fitzgerald is the Founder of Life Equals, a social venture the sells premium vitamins and supplements to help nourish consumers as well as those in need around the world.  Lack of nutrients causes 1 in every 3 child deaths and affects over 2 billion people worldwide.  Life Equals allows some of the over 140 million Americans who use vitamins every day to play a part to help solve this problem.  Life Equals is the only vitamin company that has a one-for-one giving model.  That means that for every one vitamin sold, they give donate one children’s multivitamin to under nourished children in 44 countries and 33 states.  

Kyle gives great insight on what it means to be a social entrepreneur.  He talks specifically about the advantages and challenges that come with sharing an amazing story and cause as well as the attributes of premium vitamin products.  Kyle gives great insight into the many marketing strategies that are used to promote and sell vitamins, and the struggle to stand out among many very similar looking products.  Life Equals features their cause on each bottle.  “Telling the story of saving children’s’ lives, that’s what matters,” says Kyle.

“Tell a story, Start a Movement.”


Show Notes


·         Who is your hero?

o   Vandana Shiva

§ Astrophysicist and environmental activist.

·         What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?  

o   The harder you work, the luckier you get.

·         What is your favorite tool you are using life equals? 

o   Shopify – E-commerce platform


·         What is a fun escape you turn to when social business gets you down?

o   Rebuilding historic homes in midtown Kansas City

·         What is the best book/magazine you have dug into recently?

o   National Geographic


·         What is the first thing everyone can do to start changing the world?

o   Change Yourself

·         Contact

o   Email Kyle



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This week we focus on an area of social entrepreneurship that Social Change Nation is very passionate about: Urban Innovation.


Our first interview is with Clara Brenner, the founder and director of the Tumml.  Tumml is a non profit urban ventures accelerator with a mission to empower entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. With a hands-on approach, Tumml provides entrepreneurs with the tools to help scale their impact and enhance quality of life in cities everywhere.  


Clara shares many stories of urban impact ventures that have solved community issues in unique ways with the help of Tumml.  She explains the importance of meaningful mentorships, raising capital, and picking the right legal structure to the success of an urban impact social enterprise.  The main goal of Tumml is to help develop these startup organizations to where they are solving communities problems in their own city in a way that can be applied to cities across the country.  


Clara recognizes that in order to make meaningful changes in urban communities, there needed to be a different solutions than the abundance of traditional non-profits or charities that have similar approaches.  That is where she got the name Tumml, which is yiddish for “shake up”.


How wil you be an urban innovator and shake up your community in 2015?


Show Notes


  • What is one book we should all read?

  • What is your favorite tool you are using to grow Tumml?

  • What is your favorite thing to do for fun?

    • Go Hiking

  • What is the First thing we can all do right now to start change the world?

    • Look to see what innovators are out there and support them!

  • Contact:

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