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Welcome back - today's show features Idahosa (pronounced ee - DOW- ssah) Ness who has pioneered The Mimic Method of learning languages. His philosophy is that a world that is connected through music and language is one that is better for us all.  To this end, Idahosa devotes himself full time to teaching others to speak multiple languages (he speaks four himself!).  His revolutionary strategy involves music as a connecting force for language learning!  


Don't miss this exciting innovator unpack his story! 

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This is one of the most inspiring interviews I've ever hosted!  Carmel Boss founded <a href="">CoAbode</a>, a network across the country which allows single moms to connect with each other and share housing.  The result is safer neighborhoods, better schools for their kids, and support as the experience shared struggles and victories.


I'll let Carmel take the story from here - but it is an incredibly inspiring message that has given me amazing insight into a cause of my own!  (shared housing for refugees) tune in, and see what Carmel Boss and <a href="">CoAbode</a> can inspire you to do in your community!  

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Madeline K. provides us with some awesome insight that she honed on a Semester at Sea.  While at Sea, Madelin founded a company called Ubuntu coffee with a tremendous social mission - tune in as she break's it down for us, and inspires us about what the newest generation has in mind for social business!

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In this episode, Josh reviews this week's focus on one-for-one business models in Social Entrepreneurship, talks about the power of story, the buying power and clout of millennials, and closes with some updates on some exciting tech changes to the podcast.  

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In my first live interview, I spoke with Kyle FitzGerald of <a href="">Life Equals</a> - an amazing cause based company right here in my hometown of Kansas City. Life Equals offers multivitamins both direct to consumer, and via channels such as Whole Foods.  In turn, each purchase of multivitamins here in the U.S. leads to a one-for-one donation of a supply of multivitamins to a child in one of 50 countries where undernourishment is an extreme problem.  


Considering that malmourishment can be directly tied to some of the largest health issues in developing nations, Kyle and the team at <a href="">Life Equals</a>are tackling one of the world's most pressing problems with their business.  


Tune in for some amazing practical tips and strong wisdom from a one-for-one company making a dollar and a difference.  

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Davis Smith was one of the first social entrepreneurs that took a chance on us, and joined in for an interview!  He has a tremendous story and a heart for serving people all over the world through his company <a href="">Cotopaxi</a>, and out door gear company that builds a one-for-one model into its business plan.  This model is becoming critical as cause based businesses spring up around the world, and we'll chat about it a ton this week!

In Davis's case, one-for-one works essentially like this: each product sold has a unique story.  For example, purchasing a water bottle leads directly to support of <a href="">charity:water</a> - so this means that as a consumer, I understand exactly how my purchase is supporting someone, and that story fits with what I bought. 

This is the power of the one-for-one model, and it's a tremendous shift from typical corporate philanthropy, which saw companies doanting to a variety of causes that generally were completely nonsensical in the context of their business mission & did not make us part of that movement.  Davis and <a href="">Cotopaxi</a>are paving the way for a revolutionary approach to running a cause based business - others should follow this lead, or risk losing out to companies that do.

Tune in for a tremendously powerful interview that's packed with practical insight!

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