Social Change Nation's Podcast | Make a dollar AND a difference
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Episode 011: Lauren Warbeck PEDALS toward Social Change
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Carolyn Davis provides us with some excellent strategies for running an innovative organiztion designed to create financial literacy among families most in need of it.

Josh signs on solo to chat through some changes around this podcast that will make it more valuable, and makes promises to change nation.  

He also talks about what he's doing to resolve some recent tech issues that have shown up in podcast quality.

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Episode 008 Belinda Bell & Social Biz Incubators in the UK

Another chat with the UK!  This one is with Belinda Bell, who is running a Social Biz Incubator near Cambridge U.

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Episode 007: Ari Weinberger Videographs Social Change

Ari Weinberger is videographing the social change movement - tune in as he shares amazing stories from several of the change agents he's interacted with along the way - and also fills us in on a pretty cool video project!

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Episode 006: Reflections on the Launch of a Social Movement

This week's recap podcast is on Monday instead of the usual Friday! This week only (I think!  Still toying with format...) I'm doing my recap from last week on a Monday - this is because I want to share with you all some candid thoughts the launch of Social Change Nation and share some of my thoughts on the amazingly inspiring interviews I"ve been having with change agents around the world.  


So, tune in for the latest updates, and some great insights on launching your movement into an online space! (aka - learn from the mistakes I made with my launch :) 

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TaskSquad Crushes Youth Unemployment in the UK

Learn about TaskSquad - an innovative social venture in the UK.

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Episode 004: Social Impact Bonds

A great interview with the <a href="">Social Finance</a> organization - pioneers at a new form of social enterprise funding here in the U.S. known internationally as social impact bonds.  Recording quality = a little down because of connectivity issues (I promise very few of my interviews are this way! I've had to learn a bit as I go :) but well worth the listen - especially if you're looking for an innovative way to measure and fund social change!

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Episode 003: Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak creates Social Change via Toilets...

A must listen!  My first interview with India, and I loved it!  Dr. Pathak is an amazing agent of change - tune in as he tell his story and why he has proven that his work transforming Indian sanitation has been a tremendous force for social justice in his home country.


The interview can be a tad hard to understand at times, but I promise it's worth the listen!

Tune in for a great overview of social entrepreneurship from Maria Meyers, who heads up an innovation center in Kansas City.  She has some terrific insight to help us lay the foundations for our future conversations!