Social Change Nation's Podcast | Make a dollar AND a difference

Join Josh as he goes live to have a candid chat with you about the social venture that he runs with his wife: Hostel KC

Hostel KC is the place where "Sleep Has a Purpose" because for every 300 beds they book, they build a home for a family in need in the Caribbean.  

It's also one of the most hip places to stay in Kansas City and is filling a huge gap in Kansas City for lodging that is affordable, comfortable, and attractive to millennials and young professionals.

To date, they've booked 800+ bed nights and built 3 homes for families in Jamaica. 

This podcast is the tell all tale of the journey... the good, the bad, the ugly, the shitty and the downright scary :)

Show Sponsor + Coupon Code

This episode was generously sponsored by Live The Give, a WRAP certified clothing company that also gives back to education around the world. 

So, jump to livethegive.orgcheck what they have to offer and use the coupon code 'SCN20' to get a whopping 20% off anything you want from now to end of October!

P.S. Josh and Brittain are wearing Live the Give gear in that pic above :)

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