Social Change Nation's Podcast | Make a dollar AND a difference

We've never done this one before! Josh actually went LIVE earlier this week with several folks from the Social Change Nation community and answered their questions straight on the call. 

It was an amazing show because of the rawness of it. It was just real social entrepreneurs with real challenges getting the coaching they needed. Join us for this super fun podcast because we're sure that you're grappling with some of the same challenges we address on here!

Oh, and Josh makes you a special offer on the podcast. He starts breaking into that at the 38.5 minute mark, so feel free to skip there if you want to check that out fast!

It's a time sensitive special offer for our Impact Business Bootcamp, you can also check it out here:

Lastly, Josh mentioned one other resource called TweetDeck. It's a free resource to help you follow different convos on Twitter that are relevant to your issue area.

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