Social Change Nation's Podcast | Make a dollar AND a difference

Impact Business is a 'weird' form of business. It's WEIRD to believe that you can make a dollar AND a difference, but that's exactly what we're doing as social entrepreneurs.

If you wanna make it in this space, you're going to have to embrace the fact that you're a weirdo, get connected with other weirdos, and remember that the only people crazy enough to change this world are the ones THAT DO.

So, join your fellow weirdo Josh of Social Change Nation as he talks about getting weird to help us transform business FOR GOOD.

Josh also mentions two important things on this podcast...

First, here's that quote he read from Dean Alfange about being 'uncommon'

Last, here's a link to that virtual school for new social entrepreneurs like you. It'll help you get into a community of weirdos :) 

Peace and love Change Nation...

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