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Hey Change Nation, we are back with our series featuring the ‘Best of SCN’! This series is focused on taking you back to some of our early days in podcasting and sharing the inspiring and challenging stories of our early entrepreneurs! This week we are featuring an entrepreneur who found his calling and purpose for changing the world through entrepreneurship. CEO and Co-founder of EdenWorks, Jason Green, was able to use his background knowledge of bioengineering and physical sciences to create a sustainable, healthy way for growing food in urban cities. Just like his mantra says, “Everything that we know is broken, suboptimal, and so we must start from scratch.” This is exactly the mindset Jason used to develop his vision of rooftop gardens in cities as a way to provide more healthy sustainable food options! Check into the podcast below to learn more about his story and how EdenWorks operates!


Show Notes:

  1. Who is your Hero?

-Elon Musk


  1. What is one tool you would recommend to others that has helped your business grow?

-Welding! Helps to build new farm prototypes and products.


  1. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

-The challenge vs. opportunity. There is no such thing as a bad experience, everything is an opportunity to learn.


  1. What is the one thing everyone can do right now to start changing the world?

-Everything you think you know might be wrong. You have to challenge everything you hear and that seems obvious to learn more. Everything is bound for change in reality.


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